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Dog meat is an extremely popular dish across China all year round. Statistics indicate that as many as 10 to 15 million of them are cooked for their meat each year in the world’s most populous country.

The industry is booming and traders often have to put in extra hours to meet demand. The scheme is extremely simple: dogs are taken off the streets (the stray ones) or stolen from people’s homes (multiple videos posted online show how traders have trained to remove dogs in less than 60 seconds) before they are sold to restaurants and private chefs.

The images above perfectly illustrate what these dogs are going through. The canines are usually crammed in cages (without food and water and with just enough room to breathe) and put on display – to ensure their meat is fresh.

The life of these dogs is worth a big zero to the traders and restaurant owners – man’s best friend is only regarded as commodity, a way to increase revenues.

During all this time, the Chinese government has refused to take any action on this issue, despite numerous appeals.

Show your support for a ban on dog snacks in China. Sign the petition and let the Chinese authorities know how unhappy we are with their policies to turn a blind eye on this issue. This subject is extremely important to us and no one can weaken our position. The dogs of China deserve better – they should be treated with respect and dignity, because they are more than just food!

Street food in China.
This customer is inspecting a live puppy for a meal
Dog snacks have become something all too common on the streets in China

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